Christianity stands out uniquely from World Philosophies

Jan 22 2015

If we could summarize the differences between the Christian philosophy of life and all other religions / philosophies of the world it would appear as follows:

Greece – Be wise, Know yourself

Rome – Be strong, Acquit yourself

Confucianism – Be Superior, Correct yourself

Shintoism – Be Loyal, Suppress yourself

Buddhism – Be Disillusioned, Annihilate yourself

Hinduism – Be Absorbed, Merge yourself

Islam- Be submissive, Resign yourself

Judaism – Be Holy, Conform yourself

Modern Psychology – Be self confident, Fulfill yourself

Modern Materialism – Be Acquisitive, Enjoy yourself

Christianity –  Be Christlike, Give yourself

Thought: Christianity is Christ centred and his disciples are constrained by love to give as he gave …… “even unto death”.

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Teacher 32 years district 18-26 General Contractor 1 year 4 Years construction crew - 11 houses

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