McLeod Hill Assembly- Website Startup

JUNE 8 2014

McLeod Hill is adding a new website this month. The fresh look has several convenient features with a side panel to the left for location of and times of meetings and a carousel to the right to access up to date announcements for the week’s activities.

Several new ventures are planned for this year with a new growth strategy underway.  For the first time in many years we are planning a DVBS for the summer month of August.  Nothing yet finalized but work in the Hawkins Street area has been on going for several months now with some of us working through Boaz Ministries.

In other areas we are encouraged that many of our young people are willing and eager to take on leadership roles and with this, a new approach to Sunday Evening Services.  We are thrilled that so many want to participate in the evening service sharing their experiences with God.

Wednesday  evenings we have our weekly bible studies and recently  we have taken on the task of covering the book of Genesis.  We have had interesting discussions on what it means to be a human made in the image of God and the significance and meaning of how Eve was made from the side of Adam.

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for McLeod Hill Assembly this year.


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Teacher 32 years district 18-26 General Contractor 1 year 4 Years construction crew - 11 houses

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