The Origin of Scripture

From previous articles we have addressed the topics of the “Reliability of Scripture” (Part 1 O.T. and Part 2 N.T.) and further investigated the development of the New Testament Canon of Scripture. In this article we will take a look at the “Origin” of Scripture.  Is it simply the writings of men, the writings ofContinue reading “The Origin of Scripture”

The New Testament Canon of Scripture

It is well known that the  New Testament Canon of Scripture (the 27 books of our New Testament bible today) received approval and official status at the Synod of Rome in 382 A.D.  Subsequent Synods in other countries confirmed the same canonicity. Practically, however, a collection of scriptures (no less than 22 of the 27 books)Continue reading “The New Testament Canon of Scripture”

The Reliability of Scripture- Part 2

In this second part of the topic “The Reliability of Scripture” we entertain the question “What about the New Testament?” is it reliable as the Word of God or is it simply a collection of writings portraying the opinions of fallible Jewish men who had their own biases to contend with. Most of the NewContinue reading “The Reliability of Scripture- Part 2”

The Reliability of Scripture – Part 1

Many people today are unsure about the reliability of scripture.  Some treat the Bible as the writings of fallible men; others as the inerrant Word of God containing no human scribal errors.  Many suggest it is an authority of some type for today but perhaps there is much bias in the writings since they haveContinue reading “The Reliability of Scripture – Part 1”

Christianity is Unique Among World Religions

If we allow the Bible to define what true Christianity is all about we will conclude that the Christian faith is indeed unique among world religions.   We are making a distinction here between Christendom  (the secular view of the Christianity) and Christianity (the biblical view of the work and worth of Christ). 1) InContinue reading “Christianity is Unique Among World Religions”

Christianity Provides a Coherent, Cohesive World View

All World Views presented by religion and humanists must deal with the following four elements: 1) Origin of Life 2) Meaning of Life 3) Morality in Life 4) Destiny of Life Any worldview,  if it is to be at all sensible, must present these four elements as coherent and cohesive.  Only the Christian worldview doesContinue reading “Christianity Provides a Coherent, Cohesive World View”

Christianity stands out uniquely from World Philosophies

Jan 22 2015 If we could summarize the differences between the Christian philosophy of life and all other religions / philosophies of the world it would appear as follows: Greece – Be wise, Know yourself Rome – Be strong, Acquit yourself Confucianism – Be Superior, Correct yourself Shintoism – Be Loyal, Suppress yourself Buddhism – Be Disillusioned,Continue reading “Christianity stands out uniquely from World Philosophies”