Mission Work

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

We at McLeod Hill are grateful we can support such amazing people and organizations. Each one of these individuals and families continues the spread of the gospel day after day. Here are a few link to view more into the lives of the missionaries.

Mark & Kim DeJager

Mark & Kim Regularly visit Peru to spread the word of God to many villages that are hard to reach. As well, the two of them encourage and grow the churches that are currently there.

Joseph & Heather Frimpong

From teaching people trade work, preaching the gospel, and working in hospitals, the Frimpongs are constantly doing the will of the LORD.

Luke & Lois DeJager

Much like his brother Mark, Luke and his family church plant and spread the word of God to those in harder to reach areas of the world.

Harold and Andrea McDougal

McDougal & Associates work as a printing company to purplish gospel literature and get it in the hand of as many as possible.

New Life Prison Ministries

Gerrit and Susan Blok Work as prison ministers. God came to this earth so everyone may have an opportunity to come and know him. The Blok’s ensure that those who are behind bars now, may one day live free in Heaven above.

Ron Hughes

Mr.Hughes is the President of Hope stream Radio. Their mission statement describes them perfectly. “HopeStreamRadio is a Christian Internet Radio Station that exists to glorify God by encouraging Christians to engage fully in their abundant spiritual life, and inform them about the work God is doing around the world.”

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